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About Us

Our Dream School is a global project using crowd-sourced momentum to build a fresh vision for schools. We would value direct input from children, parents, teachers - any person who loves learning!

Schools now are still largely schools ‘as they were 100 years ago’.
Today’s schools need to be totally re-imagined...
We are taking action - Join us on the journey!

We know that the world our children will inherit will face many challenges that will require new ways of thinking.

  • At the age of 15 kids have lost 85% of their creative thinking capability.
  • 1 out of 3 kids suffer from weekly physical or psychological pain (Germany).
  • 65% of today’s youth will need to find or create their work in areas that currently do not even exist.

We are a group of like-minded adventurers from around the world; intrepid pioneers who have joined together to create a world full of hope for our children. We will empower future generations to be happy, savvy, and enthusiastic lifelong learners.

Time’s up for old school thinking!
Lets boldly go where no one has gone before... With ideas and inspiration from thousands of children, parents, teachers and any passionate learner, we are re-imagining what learning could look like.

Learning that is authentic.
Learning that is real.
Love to learn, anywhere with anyone!
We are building the school of the future