Learning Guru: Guide, counselor,
content creator, passion pusher, facilitator

Next Generation Teacher wanted!

The team of Our Dream School (ODS), based in Barcelona, is hiring and we are looking for a unique and talented individual who loves creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and has a passion to be part of a disruptive team:

  • Do you love to learn?
  • Are you passionate about working with youth?
  • Do you want to participate in the creation of the school of the future?

Our Dream School’s mission is create a paradigm shift in learning worldwide. We are creating a new learning model that empowers happy, lifelong learners, and is responsive to the needs and preferences of today’s and future generations.

"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth learning can be taught.” — Oscar Wilde

Our team is seeking someone who gets what Oscar Wilde was saying. At ODS, teachers view their role from a fresh perspective – and they are called Learning Guides who can coach, mentor, support and learn with their students.

Why is this role important for ODS?

  • You will play a vital role with our first cohorts, aged around 16-22.
  • You will work with a team of expert learning guides to design learning and curate learning experiences, guide/coach/counsel our youth, and help grow the new model.

This is not a traditional teaching position!
There are no classes or grades or curriculum. Our learning guides co-design passion projects and learning experiences with our learners, facilitate personal development workshops, provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and collaborate with our many partners to craft a personalized, experiential, purpose-driven, and community-engaged learning experience for all our learners.

This is a start-up! So, we are looking for someone who is collaborative, communicates well, understands the importance of strong personal relationships and who thrives in a fast-paced, innovative and agile environment. Also, as part of the founding team of learning guides, we are looking for someone with vision, grounded in experience, who can help grow the new learning model. Successful candidates are optimistic, generative, and open to new ideas and ways of working.

This is a non-static position. Everyone on our team is able to fill in for another member of the team. The description below is for the project you will lead. You will be supported in this role by the whole team just as you will be expected to support others in their roles.

You will be acting as a guide, coach, mentor, counselor, passion pusher, facilitator, curator, and whatever else our youth need us to be for them:

  • Collaborate with a cross-functional, agile team that develops engaging, effective learning experiences.
  • Collaboratively design and participate in trainings and coaching sessions for learning guides and partners who work with our youth.
  • Parent communication and engagement.
  • Co-develop systems for progress monitoring, project management, and portfolio development of learners.
  • Co-develop user feedback systems that allow our team to learn from and iterate upon current user experiences.
  • Co-create and implement the intake and induction process for youth.
  • Stakeholder presentations and communication.
  • Stay current with trends, leading science and innovations, and research in learning science, instructional media, and learner behavior.

Essential Skills:

  • Ability to quickly connect & build trust with youth. You are a relationship guru.
  • Experience in a wide variety of roles supporting youth: guiding, coaching, facilitating, mentoring, counseling, tutoring, etc.
  • Experience in developing and implementing learning experiences from ideation through to implementation and analysis.
  • Strong project management skills; agile experience a plus.
  • Excellent written, oral, presentation & interpersonal skills in English & Spanish.
  • Experience designing and conducting action research.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and creatively in a fast-paced, agile environment.
  • Conceptual knowledge of web/software development.
  • You understand the value of design thinking, user experience and brand within a business context.
  • You are ready to learn from failure, embrace an iterative process and you understand that success comes sooner with trial and error.
  • You are flexible and open-minded, especially working in a start-up environment.

Application requirements and instructions:

  • Do some research on us & suggest how you might grow the vision. If possible, find out about the our Space at the Barcelona Learning Innovation Center. You can do that by contacting someone in the team & asking questions. Your response can take any form.
  • Please present a Portfolio, Work Summary or CV that highlights your creativity, your values and alignment with our learning model.
  • Additionally, please include a 3 minute (or shorter) video that introduces yourself, your interest in the position and your passion as an educator.
  • Send applications to devin@ourdream.school with the name of the position you are applying to. Note: All candidates must have the legal right to work in the EU.

We are hiring for the Spring and Fall:


  • Application deadline: February 28
  • Candidate interview notification: March 1
  • Candidate interviews: March 5-6
  • Start date: March 12


  • Application deadline: March 20
  • Candidate interview notification: March 29
  • Rolling Candidate interviews: April & May
  • Start Date: August 27